At Christmas anything is possible…

  ★★★★★ – An extraordinarily funny and courageous show.
— London Free Press

  ★★★★★ – An ode to the idea that anything is possible.
— Torontoist

  ★★★★★ – Magical. The audience transformed into a playhouse of children.
— Stage Door Toronto

  Guaranteed to be the best tea party you’ll ever attend.
— Mooney on Theatre

Created by James & Jamesy in collaboration with David MacMurray Smith
Performed by James & Jamesy
Sound Design: Aaron Malkin
Costuming: Alastair Knowles
Piano: Alexander Stevenson

When catastrophe strikes at James and Jamesy’s Christmas tea party, flooding the world with tea, the friends leap into action, finding innovative and hilarious solutions to keep them afloat.

Redefining immersive theatre, these masters of physical comedy—with over a dozen comedy awards to their name—sweep the audience out to sea in a jolly aquatic escapade brimming with whimsy, action, and ingenuity in a celebration of friendship at Christmas.


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